7 Apps to Help You Cook ...


7 Apps to Help You Cook ...
7 Apps to Help You Cook ...

I am a really bad cook and I'll fully admit that, but with all of the apps to help you cook out there, cooking is super easy! If you're a horrible cook like me, I've got all of the best apps to help you cook that actually work. Whether you want to be an amazing pastry chef or you really just want to make dinner for your family, I've got all of the best apps that will help you master the kitchen in the best way possible.

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Martha Stewart Cookies

Martha Stewart Cookies itunes.apple.com

Of course, one of the best apps to help you cook is from Martha Stewart! This app though is incredible and it really gives you every single cookie out there. Whether you are looking for old-fashioned cookie recipes or you want something that is ever-so-beautiful and new to try, this app has it. The greatest thing? You can collect all of your favorite cookie recipes to refer back to.



Panna itunes.apple.com

This is by far one of my favorite apps. Not only do you get to watch the videos of whatever they are cooking, but you really get to figure out what works best and what dishes are your favorite. This video app was built for the home cook who still wonders what a professional chef would tell them to do..


Epicurious Recipes

Epicurious Recipes itunes.apple.com

The cool thing about this particular app is the fact that there are so many recipes that you can try – like 30,000! How cool is that? No matter what type of recipe you are looking for, this particular app has it. You can also browse any of the most popular recipes and you can search for specifics too.



Allrecipes itunes.apple.com

I'm a huge, huge fan of this particular app! Not only is it full of member-tested recipes, but it's packed with some powerful tools. It's a fantastic cooking app that will have you inspired to cook up some of the best dishes of your life. You can also find a bunch of recipes to fit your dietary restrictions too.


Mind Watering

Mind Watering itunes.apple.com

The thing that I love about this particular app is that you can look through all of the recipes and see what inspires you. The videos are crisp and clear and it will really help you provide some of the best food to your family ever. It costs about $4.99, but it's so worth it!

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The Professional Chef by the Culinary Institute of America

The Professional Chef by the Culinary Institute of America itunes.apple.com

If you are just starting out cooking and you've never, ever done it before, this is the app for you. It's been built from the ground up with the richest and all-inclusive cooking, food and baking skills. This is more than a cookbook, it's an app that will change how you look at food.


Nigella Quick Collection

Nigella Quick Collection itunes.apple.com

This app is actually fantastic because of the videos! They are super easy and you can follow along as you make the recipe. You can actually pull together a meal pretty quickly with this particular app because there are so many quick and easy recipes to make.

Now that you know exactly what apps are out there for you to cook with, what are some of your favorite recipes? I'm sure you'll be able to find them via these apps!

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BigOven is also a great app that I've gotten a number of family dinner hits. Since it's free it's really worth checking out.

Where are the apps for android phones

check out the whole pantry app too for those who are interested in amazing healthy raw vegan recipes

I love air recipes so much

Spark Recipes is one I love love love!!

Omg! I'm in love with this app called all recipes! thanks a ton! xx

The Professional Chef is $49.99! No thanks.

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