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Most frozen yogurt bars are filled with sugary candies and unhealthy syrups, but there are still some diet-friendly yogurt toppings out there you can choose from. First, it's important to choose no sugar added frozen yogurt since even a small serving of regular frozen yogurt can have well over 20 grams of sugar- more than you’ll find in a Krispy Kreme doughnut or a couple of regular chocolate chip cookies. After you have a healthy yogurt base, try some of these diet-friendly yogurt toppings to complete your treat with little calories and absolutely no added sugar.

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Sliced Almonds

Sliced Almonds Sliced almonds are one of the best diet-friendly yogurt toppings because per tablespoon, they're lower in calories than whole nuts. Plus, sliced almonds are usually free of salt and added sugar and they contain heart-healthy fats. Use just a couple tablespoons for a naturally sweet crunch!


Chopped Walnuts

Most frozen yogurt places have two types of walnuts: some that are soaked in sugary syrup and some that are just plain, chopped walnuts. Always choose plain, chopped walnuts since they're full of omega 3s and heart-healthy fiber. If you're pairing walnuts with other nuts, use just a couple of pieces to keep the calorie content down.


Pecan Pieces

Plain pecan pieces are also a great option, so long as they're not coated in sugar or salt. Pecans are full of manganese, zinc, B vitamins, and heart healthy fats but again, portion size is key with calorie-dense nuts and seeds.


Cacao Nibs

This is an option you’ll have to bring along with you, but it’s a great alternative to those sugary chocolate chips most frozen yogurt places have (and so much healthier for you too). Cacao nibs are basically raw chocolate without all the sugar, and they contain many more nutrients. Bring a small baggie with you so can enjoy chocolate chips in a healthier way!



Blueberries Most all berries are available as a topping choice at frozen yogurt establishments and they're one of the healthiest options you can choose from. Full of fiber, low in sugar, and high in antioxidants, blueberries make a great option for those looking to enjoy a little something sweet that’s also full of nutrition.

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Blackberries are high in fiber and antioxidants, yet very low in calories and sugar. They even have more antioxidants than blueberries and will turn your yogurt a lovely, fun purplish hue!



Banana If you’d like your yogurt to taste more like an ice cream sundae, feel free to add some banana slices on there too. Bananas are full of Vitamin B6, fiber, potassium, and overall low in sugar if you only use a few slices.



Raspberries are the lowest calorie berry out there and they’re also the highest in fiber. They also give your yogurt a lovely red color, a nice dose of Vitamin C, and they add a tangy taste.



Lastly, add a few slices of strawberries for even more vitamins, minerals, Vitamin C, and a fun pop of color with very little sugar. Strawberries also pair well with most other ingredients and they add a juicy texture to your frozen yogurt.

The top offenders at most frozen yogurt joints include peanut butter, syrups of any kind, cookies, candies, and even shredded coconut because it’s usually the sugary kind, not the kind you buy at health food stores. Feel free to bring along some healthy toppings like chia, flax, and hemp seeds to put on your yogurt too. What’s your favorite yogurt topping?

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One of my favourites is shaved coconut. Tastes amazing!

I only put cake crunch, strawberries, and kiwi on mine.....taste great!!

Granola is good too!

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