Taste the Sweetness Dive into Delicious Guyanese Desserts ...


Taste the Sweetness Dive into Delicious Guyanese Desserts ...
Taste the Sweetness Dive into Delicious Guyanese Desserts ...

Hello fellow sweet tooth companions! If you're anything like me, you've been spending a lot of recent evenings in search of the next unique dessert to try. I can confidently say, I've found it, and it's simply to die for! For a while, I've been exploring the unique and aromatic universe of Guyanese desserts, and it's about time to let you in on this culinary secret.

Guyana, the land of many waters, is also a land of scrumptious, mouth-watering desserts. First up, we are going to dive into the red, swirly, coconutty haven that is the Guyanese Salara. If crunchy is more your style, join me on the journey into the making of Kurma, or as the Guyanese lovingly call it, mithai. But wait, there's more! We cannot forget to venture into the tantalizing territory of Cassava Pone and Guyanese Cheese Rolls.

Oh, and no need to keep the napkins handy – licking your fingers is absolutely allowed! Whether you're a seasoned dessert lover or just looking for something new to excite your palate, these Guyanese desserts will surely hit the spot. So, tie on that apron, preheat your ovens, and let's dig in!

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How To Make Kurma (known as mithai in Guyana)

Source: nickisrandommusings.com


Guyanese Cheese Rolls

Source: tastykitchen.com


Soft Mithai - Alica's Pepperpot

Source: ruchiskitchen.com


Cassava Pone

Source: inner-gourmet.com


Custard Block: A Guyanese frozen treat

Source: trinigourmet.com

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Guyanese Soft Mithai

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Guyanese Cheese Rolls - Alica's Pepperpot

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Tasty Tuesday: Guyanese Salara

Source: thecherryshare.com

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